5 Things Your Personal Trainer Should NOT Be Doing

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Hey guys,

I’m writing this blog for anyone who is considering having a personal trainer or for those who already have one - it’s important to know what you’re paying for and what you shouldn’t be paying for.

I’m going to be super honest here - some of the shit I see going on in commercial gyms is beyond me.

The things that personal trainers do and don’t do for their clients is quite simply baffling - but I also question why their clients let them do it?

Please feel free to tell me if this relates to you, it’s not something I’m shaming you for…I genuinely wonder why it is you’re not too fussed? Maybe you haven’t noticed it? Or maybe they’ve made you feel as if it’s okay?

The point is - I’m going to write a few things that you certainly shouldn’t be paying for, it’s not right.

  1. Their scrolling time - There is absolutely no reason, zero, nada, zilch, nothing that excuses your personal trainer from scrolling through Instagram during your PAID session. I repeat - you are paying for your trainer to like their mates 100th post of their bicep workout…does that sound okay to you? The only reason I would look at my phone during a session is to make a quick note for my client or to check their programme - and even then you should explain this to your client so they are aware why you’re on your phone. END OF.

  2. They should be fucking watching you - I really wish I was joking on this one but no word of a lie some personal trainers ARE NOT EVEN WATCHING THEIR CLIENTS. What. The. Fucking. Fuck. I’m sorry but if they’re off chatting to their mates, if they’ve not said a word to you during your whole set…that ain’t right my friends, it’s not right.

  3. Their dinner - again, I’m not joking. But some personal trainers think it’s acceptable to be EATING during sessions, or to turn up late and take that 10-15 minutes out of your session. Again, NOPE.

  4. Ad-hoc sessions - have you been shown ANY kind of plan that is specifically for you and your goals? No? Okay, not good enough. The whole point of a personal trainer is that it does what it says on the tin - it’s personal. If there’s no progressive plan designed for you, you may as well just go to free classes instead of paying the money - no doubt your gym already has these and no doubt it’s the same trainer who’s doing said classes…save your money.

  5. No progress - sadly, there are trainers out there who will happily continue to take their clients money providing their client is happy to do so - despite not achieving any results. Now, this doesn’t mean the ‘result’ has to be a transformation, there are many clients out there who simply just want to be trained and that’s what they’re paying for - totally okay if both the client and trainer are on the same page. But that’s very different to the client telling the trainer that their goal is fat loss, the trainer has them for 16 weeks, no progress is made and there has been no effort from the PT to change that. Please don’t confuse that with ‘I have a trainer so I should get a result’ but it shouldn’t mean that they don’t give you the support, assessments or adjustments needed for you to get to where you want to be.

The personal training industry is a bit of a mess - I’ll admit that but there’s great news too…there are plenty of top PT’s out there who can quite literally help you turn your life around.

So, what should you do if your personal trainer is doing any of the above?


Feel bad? Don’t. You are paying them your hard earned money and they are taking advantage of that, no matter how well you get on…that’s not right.

Any questions? Give me a shout.

Until next time.


Samantha McGowan