How I became an accidental influencer

Hey guys,

Sam here.

First of all, this is the first blog post I’ve written in a while now which is a shame really considering that’s how all of ‘this’ started out. 

‘Sam Says’ initially came about when I started to write, then it became my brand name for my freelance writing, then it became my Instagram, then it was my brand for personal training and whatever else it is I’m known for.

Pretty cool right?! 

I tell you what else is pretty cool. The fact that I’m currently sat on a plane on the way to Lanzarote for a couple of days shooting for Under Armour.

The Under Armour family in Lanzarote, Club La Santa

The Under Armour family in Lanzarote, Club La Santa

What. The. Fuck.

So it had me thinking...

The last couple of years I’ve had this mental battle with myself - a battle that has been holding me back for some time now, without me even realising. 

It came from the fact that for so long I’ve REFUSED to call myself an influencer.

You’ll hear me say ‘oh god no I’m not an influencer’ or when someone asks what I do I respond ‘I’m a personal trainer and I do stuff on social media’...I can’t say it.

But why won’t I say it? Is being an influencer really a bad thing? 

I mean yes, if you’re influencing people to take drugs, steal from people or watch Love Island then sure you should feel bad about that. 

But why do I hate that word so much? And why won’t I admit that I am what you might call an ‘Influencer’.

Wearing the Under Armour Rush range from Sports Direct - Sam Says

Wearing the Under Armour Rush range from Sports Direct - Sam Says

Here’s the was an accident. 

I never sat down one day and said ‘I’m going to be an influencer’, it just happened.

Sure, I started to write blogs about random shit that people seemed to enjoy reading. 

Sure, I wrote about my own body transformation in the hope that I would create good content at work - but still, I never imagined that anyone would actually read it, or god forbidden be influenced by it. Enough so to take action.

But they did - and I soon began to love that I (little old me) was somehow impacting the lives of others, simply by sharing my own journey.

So why would I stop?! 

Fast forward a couple of years later and I’m still doing it and not only am I impacting more people than I ever could have imagined but I’m also reaping some pretty cool rewards from it myself. 

So I ask again...what the fuck is my problem? 

I’m still telling myself ‘I don’t want to be an influencer’ because weirdly I’ve created this negative association with what that actually means. Sadly there is a bad rep for influencers - lots of assess, fake content, shameless ads...the list goes on. 

But you could take a look at any industry and pull out a load of nobheads couldn’t you?! 

Another negative to having this poor mindset is this - I’m holding myself back.

I’m holding myself back from impacting more lives, from growing my business, from achieving more. 

So I want to help more people, I want my business to be a success and I want to be known as a top personal trainer...but I’m afraid to influence people? That doesn’t make any sense.

I’ve been doing this shit all of this time without truly committing to it.

I’ve felt like a twat asking someone to take a photo for me, or told someone to fuck off when they took the piss out of what it is I do, I’ve almost been ashamed of it. 

But when I write that out, when I say that I’m already thinking ‘why?!’ - what I’ve done and built through social media has allowed me to impact the lives of strangers. And not just local strangers either, people from all over the bloody world.

So what can I do?

Female lifting workshop - girls supporting girls innit…

Female lifting workshop - girls supporting girls innit…


‘Influencing’ more people to improve their health, live happy and healthy lives and see their true potential is a flippin’ great thing and I WANT TO DO MORE OF THAT. 

So I am going to influence the shit out of you - be warned. 

That doesn’t mean you’re going to be hit with ads and constant ‘do this, do that’ - do whatever the fuck you want and if you don’t like what I do then please do unfollow me for your own sake. I am however on a mission to help as many of you as possible and to do that I need to be ‘all in’ on this influencer lark. 

So guess what ladies and gents?!

I will no longer let my own negative thoughts hold me back from doing what I’ve been fighting against for so long. 


And that’s that.

Could you be holding yourself back? 

Let me know your thoughts.

Until next time.


Samantha McGowan